Free Sample Resumes And Template Layout Examples

Writing resumes and cover letters can be difficult for some which is why free sample resumes are useful. A resume that is not clear and concise or worse, contains spelling and grammar mistakes can jeopardize your chances of getting a job interview. With so many other resumes that your potential employer has to read through, how do you write a good resume and make yours stand out from the rest? With hundreds of applicants all vying for the same job, you could do something for your resume so that it does not end up in the trash.

The resume writing examples will be useful to you. Different types of jobs may see resumes being formatted differently. For example, an engineer’s resume would highlight the technical qualifications while a teacher’s resume would highlight his track record in the education field. However, all resumes can be said to follow a basic type of resume layout when it comes to presenting information.

You should adapt your cover letter and resume to fit different employers so that your experience and qualifications are highlighted for the job requirement. You want your potential employer to be able to read and register your qualifications and experience when browsing through your resume. As a guide, resumes can be either functional, historical or a combination.

Resume Example Formats

A Functional Resume Layout

A functional resume format is suitable when your change jobs and sectors of the industry functions. List your skills relevant to your career goal and for graduates, they should list their school activities and achievements to demonstrate initiative and drive.

A functional resume contains the following sections, namely a detailed summary of relevant expertise, relevant work experience, and activities and honors.

A Historical Resume Template

A historical resume is suitable if you are continuing your career in the same industry and in this case, you would list your most recent and relevant experience first – in reverse chronological order. At the end of the list, put your projects and achievements.

A Combination Professional Resume Sample

Many opt for the combination of functional and historical resume. This is for when you are going to change industry but remain at a similar role. Your experience should appear first to highlight your capabilities and the history of work experience follows.

A good resume usually consists of a resume cover letter, a summary of relevant work experience and a detailed curriculum vitae two or three pages long. Instead of just listing out your projects, highlight your special contribution that helped the successful completion of the project. Consider eliminating non-relevant experience in order to make your strong points stand out.

Unless specifically asked, there is no need to include your birth date or age in your resume. This could work against you as some employers may discriminate against older applicants.

Tailor your resume to fit the job that you are applying for. The objective of your resume is to convince your potential employer to give you an interview. Therefore, make your resume appeal to business needs.

In the current business and economic climate, many businesses are mindful of their bottom line and weigh the cost of hiring against returns. Part of writing a good resume is to assess the company’s needs and highlight your contributions you can bring to the company. Therefore, you should do some research on the company that you are interested in joining.

Be sure to make yourself appear co-operative and be willing to take on additional tasks when required even if it is not within your job responsibility. This projects a good impression of you being a helpful team member who is willing to make some sacrifices for the good of the company.

Professional Resume Writing Sample

The first paragraph of your cover letter will state your career goals and why you want to work for the company. Establish the objective of your application to convince your potential employer that you have the skills and experience to help the company succeed even more.

The second paragraph is the content of your cover letter where you summarize your work experience and skills that match the job requirements. This will give your recruiters a quick yet concise browse through that tells them about what you can offer.

The third paragraph provides your contact information – this is how you can be contacted in case you are selected for an interview.

You cover letter should be concise and fit into one page. Make sure you proofread your cover letter to ensure that it is free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. It would be a pity if your resume ended up in the trash just because of a careless mistake.

If you make some claims about your skills or expertise, make sure you are able to back it up should you be asked about them during your interview. End your letter professionally as human resource managers put a lot of weight on professionalism.

Free Resume Samples And Resume Template Examples

If you find that it is difficult to write a good resume, you can consider using free resume samples and resume templates as guides as reference instead of hiring a resume writing service. There are many advantages to using free resume templates.

They offer a practical solution to writing a good resume as you can select one that best suits the job you are applying for and edit it to your requirements. You no longer have to search for the right words that best highlight your skills and work experience. Free resume samples help you write a powerful, impressive resume and projects the confidence and professionalism you need to secure an interview.

Do not make the mistake of writing a poor job resume and miss the opportunity for a better job. Using free resume samples helps your resume writing along by using strong and powerful phrases to create that all important first impression. By using free resume template examples, writing a good resume may not seem that difficult after all.

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